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Oageng Baby Link is a Sanctuary; truly a Home Away from Home, a place for Mothers, Babies, Fathers and Families.

Imagine…. A place where everyone, honours & respect you and the work you will do and wishes to do in labour,

Speaks quietly and moves slowly and gently, and respects your need to be spontaneous —– to eat, drink, make sounds, sing, dance, move around, cry, shout, laugh,

Treats your baby and you as fully conscious and sensitive beings.

A place where everyone understands that …..Giving birth is as intimate as lovemaking, that you will need privacy and compassionate support and tenderness

Labour is not a spectator sport, your partner is not your coach

It’s the journey of a lifetime for your baby and you

Don’t settle for a typical birth, educate yourself and find out more….homebirth….Oageng Baby Link, birth centers

Find safe alternatives to epidurals….take a HypnoBirthing course instead and seek out a midwife

Arrange for a labour companion/ doula to stay with you….

Protect your baby and empower yourself!

Every baby only has one chance to be born- make it the best, calmest experience you can, it’s worth every penny, knowing that babies remember their births, make it your own.

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  • “The effort to separate the physical experience of childbirth from the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of this event has served to disempower and violate women.” ~Mary Rucklos Hampton
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